Here’s Why You Must Rest Between Workouts

It seems that weight training gets more popular every day. Considering the tremendous improvements it can make to your health and appearance, there’s no wondering why. But as more people discover the benefits of weight training, they can fall victim to the “more-is-better” syndrome. “More-is-better” happens when we see quick improvements in the short-term and […]

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What Foods Should I Eat Before and After Workouts

Before we talk about which foods you should eat to get more from your workouts, let’s quickly put to rest a nasty myth. Not eating before your workout, with the idea that it will reduce fat levels and improve your BMI and muscle definition, is a misguided notion that can have the complete opposite effect […]

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Biceps and Backs Make a Great Workout Pair

Is there a time when you visit the gym that you don’t work on you biceps? After all, they are the poster child for everything body building. From gyms to supplement makers, a bulging bicep is your assurance that they are the place to go and the products to use. You can’t say the same […]

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Stability Balls & the Boost They Give Your Workout

It’s like they don’t belong there. In gyms around the world, where the iron of weights and strength training machines give the place a decidedly metallic look and feel; there, on a rack in the corner is a bright, colourful display of beach balls. Or at least that’s what it looks like. Whether or not […]

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