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9 Big Benefits of Cold Showers – Part One

Don’t you just love a nice, hot shower? There’s nothing quite like the inviting warmth to make you feel good all over. And cold showers are like getting a needle, you can handle it, but you hate it. There’s a reason why we love hot showers so much and hate cold showers even more. Water […]

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“Carbs Are the Enemy” & Other Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss, and the degree of difficulty experienced in achieving it, differs from person to person. One of the biggest hurdles to be jumped for anyone to enjoy long-term weight loss are busting the myths that surround it. Myth 1 – Crash Weight-Loss Diets are the Fastest and/or Easiest Way to Lose Weight The vast […]

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Jade MacKinnon’s Fat Loss Workout & Nutrition Guide

To me, weight loss is all about thinking holistically. It is not as easy as decreasing calories and increasing exercise, or simply getting into a calorie deficit. I look at a combination of factors that can really help with the whole approach. Factors such as sleep, stress, workout times, workout type, body adaptation, supplements, metabolism, food type, rest periods and so on. I could write several thousand words on each of the above subjects. However, without going into too much detail, here are my…

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