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Maximize Your Workouts with New Amino HP

Train Harder. Recover Faster. In life, you typically get out what you put in – Hard work pays off! But we’re all limited by the same number of hours the day, so what separates those that rise up and succeed from those that waddle in mediocrity? The answer is simple, the most successful people leverage […]

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A Unique Look at the Science of Endurance & Recovery

One of the primary reasons for supplementing with BCAAs is to trigger muscle repair via protein synthesis as well as lower post-workout soreness. Their benefits are described in detail in an earlier dedicated post Get The ANSwer on BCAAs. But to recap, during endurance activities, BCAA levels decrease because they get consumed by skeletal muscle […]

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Muscle HP: Horsepower!

Muscle power and muscle strength are often used as interchangeable terms. However, power actually refers to the ability to generate force quickly; think of the clean and jerk action, a baseball swing or the explosion of a vertical jump as examples that would measure muscle power output. Muscular strength on the other hand is the […]

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Testimonial: Garnet Peirson – National Level Alpine Skier

As a member of the Canadian National Masters Alpine Ski Team, Garnet Peirson knows he has to be at his best both physically and mentally to compete at the highest level. He competed last year in the 30th Annual Peak to Valley Race in Whistler, BC, Canada. The Peak to Valley race is the longest and most […]

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The Power of Trimethylglycine (TMG) Supplementation

So what is Trimethylglycine? Trimethylglycine or TMG is also more commonly referred to as betaine (BEET-ah-een). For the chemists, as the name implies it is a trimethyl derivative of the common amino acid glycine. TMG is commonly found in our diet in beets (that’s where the name betaine came from), whole grains, spinach and shellfish. […]

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